Contracting an architect is a strategic investment in the creation of your project. Their skill and experience go beyond design – the relationship you develop with your architect will carry through to the day you open the front door of your new space.

Once you’ve made the decision to hire an architect, you have a key role to play. Below is an overview of the process to help you better understand what to expect.

Information Gathering

You are your own greatest resource. A brilliant architect can design a stunning house, but if it doesn’t echo your voice it may never feel like home. We’ll ask you to share your dreams with us; we’re getting to know you. Logistically, at this step we do the site survey and review zoning.

Sketching the Essence

This is where your architect establishes the rough draft of what your new space will be – and where you are vital to the evolution of the project. Initial sketches will evolve through a series of conversations. Together, we choose design direction and spatial priorities; it’s one of the most organic phases.

Getting Detailed

It’s time for exploration – of yourself, your habits and expectations. We get detailed in this stage, looking at everything from materials to traffic flow in the space. Is this how you picture yourself using it? We have more flexibility to change things now than we will later on. Preliminary estimates can be done, too.

The Big Picture

Your architect takes an active role in selecting the contractor and estimating the project – we can also guide you through evaluating contractor qualifications and bids. This is where we decide how to price: cost plus, or fixed price. Adjustments are possible if required by your financial plan.

Making it Real

Now is the time for your architect to complete a set of building permit drawings (blueprints) for municipal approval. Also, cost estimating and contractor selection can be finalized. It’s time to shine the light on your interior space as we complete the lighting design with you.

Building It

Your architect will be on the build site as often as is necessary to help ensure the success of your build. Or, if construction is out of town, we are a phone call or email away.

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