Norman Goddard is a licensed architect with experience in the United States and Canada, having worked in New York, Philadelphia and Vancouver. In 2007, Norman decided to make his home in the heart of British Columbia’s Okanagan valley.

From independent contracts at smaller firms to working as part of a team in larger companies, Norman has a vast portfolio of experience to draw from. His attention to detail and open, collaborative approach translates to unique design, made just for you. Norman had the privilage of apprenticing with architects Garth Ramsey, F. Russel Hollingsworth, Henry York Mann and Chris Coy.

With a focus on the environment and sustainable building practices, Norman works with clients to unify the spaces in which we dwell, work and play. Norman draws on both traditional and contemporary elements, allowing for an organic approach to his design philosophy; one that integrates structure with the natural beauty which surrounds us.

Norman believes in creating a place that belongs. Light play, air movement and use of space are skillfully combined to bring about that indescribable feeling of home – something that’s different for each of us, but which is understood the moment we enter a room.

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