We build relationships. They are the foundations for our hopes and dreams – your place in which to work, play, live.

When creating these places it’s about working together; collaborating with you to design and create a truly original dwelling that allows you to develop and inspire your own relationships.

Here’s a glimpse at our portfolio.


Penticton House

Penticton Gas Station

Osoyoos Gas Station

Mills Street

Middle Bench


Kaleden House

Naramata Road

Naramata Road

Naramata Road Distillery

Naramata Road Juniper

Bad Tattoo

Braid St Lembekmo

Falcon Ridge

Penticton Fish Hatchery

St. Andrews

Naramata Road

Lombardy renovation

Grandview renovation


Rounds Road

Front Street courtyard

Pasadena Raquet & Fitness Centre


Bodies on Power

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